past collections & events

We are born in 2011 and despite some hitches we can say that since we were born a lot of things have happened.
Is because of the support of shops, clubs and cultural associations if we can improve our product. We want to thank you, costumers or visitors !
jun 2013
We like BIANCO. But also COSMO.
5:00 PM
dec 2012 | contest online
5 p.m
spaziale festival 2012
jul 2012 | sponsor
Spaziale Festival 2012 Sponsor of Spaziale Festival 2012.
mar 2012 | contest online
Put your face! Contest online on facebook.
La boutique antagonista collection
dec 2011 | white studio&undesign | miaao museo
La boutique antagonista collection Tobag in collaboration with white studio, undesign and Miaoo museum presents ua collection drawed by da Jins, Nervo e Xel.
why(te) isn't art?
jul 2011 | urbe | la fabbrica
why(te) isn't art?
tobag for clubs
jul 2011 | various clubs
Tobag for clubs
made in italy. forever.