What's tobag?

There's always a new way to rethink a classical object like a tobacco pouch. JBLdesign demonstrate that it is possible and offers a new modern vision of it. Tobag (acronym of tobacco bag) is out of the box: it is made entirely from PVC and it's innovative under different points of view, first of all in the dimensions, small and practices with two compartments in which it is possible to insert several things: first of all papers, tips and tobacco if you smoke, secondly also coins, keys, smart phone or ipod / iphone: for the latter,

thanks to the thin layer of transparent PVC inside, you can keep the touch screen function of the devices. At the moment, Tobag is available in four colors: black, transparent, green and red. There is also the possibility to interchange the colors of zip sliders: you can have fun creating combinations also according to your look. The special feature of this bag is that thanks to the sliding seal closures, tobacco maintains optimum conservation. A esthetically it is very simple, free graphics ink that may contaminate the tobacco, it is a perfect blend of simplicity and innovation, practical and versatile, it will be very comfortable in the most uncomfortable situation.

Each Tobag is produced and packed in Italy (Turin), with the best materials. One can not speak of industrial production because the process of the Tobag is performed by artisans that weld and monitor the quality of the product individually.

water-resistent. Not bad on the beach..